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The Graph

The Graph

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    Network participants that run indexing nodes to index data from blockchains and serve GraphQL queries.

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    A query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. The Graph uses GraphQL to query subgraphs.

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    Network participants who own GRT and delegate their GRT to Indexers. This allows Indexers to increase their stake in subgraphs on the network. In return, Delegators receive a portion of the Indexing Rewards that Indexers receive for processing subgraphs.

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    A request for data. In the case of The Graph, a query is a request for data from a subgraph that will be answered by an Indexer.

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    A custom API built on blockchain data that can be queried using GraphQL.

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    A powerful dapp for building, deploying, and publishing subgraphs.

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    Tag for posts from the Graph discord server